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The RIMS 2022 RISKWORLD Conference is right around the corner and the team at Archipelago is eager to attend and connect with everyone.

Soon, thousands of risk managers, insurers, brokers, technology providers, and more will take over the Moscone Center to connect, network, and share best practices. This conference is a great way to discover the latest trends in the risk management industry. Particularly when it comes to property risk, the industry is undergoing a major transformation – and Archipelago is excited to be a part of it!

RIMS 2022 features some of the most innovative and creative presenters in the industry.

Here are the top five breakout sessions that the team at Archipelago is most excited to catch:


#5: Taking Control of Your Property Insurance Portfolio
Presented by Polly James, Senior Director, Risk Management at Feld Entertainment & Katherine Henry, Partner at Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP
11:00 am -12:00 pm on April 13th

With the increasing frequency of natural disasters and a hardening market, it is more critical than ever to take control of your insurance program. Property insurance is a critical and costly component for every business. Polly and Katherine will share their expertise on how to structure and manage a property insurance and risk management program designed to help control costs and exposure. Archipelago supports risk managers by helping them gain control of their data and share it with brokers and insurers for better outcomes. Archipelago is looking forward to learning more from these two experts on how they can better support business as they create an optimized insurance program.


#4: The Future of Property Insurance in the Age of Catastrophic Risk
Presented by Michael Burton, Corporate Director, Risk Management and Assistant Treasurer at Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc. & Duncan Ellis, Head of Retail Property, North American General Insurance at AIG
1:30-2:30 pm on April 12th

Hurricanes, wildfires, floods, and other natural disasters are impacting properties all over the world. The rise in these events is making the role of risk managers all the more critical. These events are hard to predict and can have massive business implications. Understanding how your buildings are exposed to these catastrophic events can help shape your risk management and insurance strategies. Archipelago helps businesses understand how their property portfolio is exposed to these types of natural disasters and identifies ways they can better protect them. The team is eagerly anticipating strategies and insights from Michael and Duncan on how to help risk managers face this growing threat.


#3: Property Valuation in a Year of Inflation
Presented by Justin Chen, Property Valuation Specialist at TUV SUD Global Risk Consultants
1:30-1:50 pm on April 11th

Costs are rising everywhere. From gas to groceries, prices are increasing and property valuations are no exception to this. Combine this with a hardening market and it is more critical than ever to have accurate property valuations. Archipelago works with risk managers to ensure their data quality is the best it can be and determining accurate valuations is a critical part of this process. The team can’t wait to gain insights from Justin’s expert take on this pressing issue and how to make property valuations a key component of risk and insurance strategies.


#2: Global Risks 2022
Presented by Colleen Zitt, Chief Risk Officer at Zurich North America
10:30-10:50 am on April 11th

The world’s risk environment is transforming at a rapid pace. The pandemic, climate change, economic volatility, the growing threat of cyberattacks, and more have dramatically shifted the world of risk management. Archipelago was created to help risk managers meet these challenges and our team is ready to learn from Colleen’s discussion on these emerging trends and what risk professionals can do to face them.


#1: Seven Habits of Highly Effective Risk Professional
Presented by Steven Sachs, Advisor at Archipelago & Timothy Kraft, Risk Management Consultant at Warrior Consulting Ventures
1:30-2:30 pm on April 11th

Coming in at number one of our can’t-miss sessions is a presentation by Archipelago’s own Steven Sachs. Steven, along with Timothy Kraft, will show attendees how to implement best practices to enable them to become even more effective risk professionals. This session will showcase how individual risk professionals can measure and optimize their own performance to help improve overall risk management within their organization. Archipelago is committed to helping elevate risk managers and making their jobs easier and our team’s eagerly anticipating learning strategies from Steven and Timothy that can help with this mission.


You can find the RIMS 2022 Session Schedule here.
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