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Insurance Brokers

Deliver the insurance outcomes your clients expect by differentiating their property portfolio in the market.

Deliver Submissions Underwriters Want 

In a hardening market, it is critical that insurance brokers help their customers stand out in the eyes of insurers, but many portfolios lack the key data and specificity underwriting requires.

Archipelago offers a secure, AI-powered platform that enables brokers to help their customers digitize and improve their property risk data to make it easier to share data with insurers, enable deep analytical insights, and optimize insurance outcomes seamlessly.


Better Connect Your Clients with Insurers Through the Power of Enriched Property Risk Data

Improve Insurance Outcomes
Enhance your clients' submissions by delivering their data to underwriters in the format they prefer.
Stand Out from the Competition
Utilize data-driven tools and insights to provide advisory value to clients.
Build Even Stronger Relationships
Propel your clients to the top of the stack with high-quality data, portfolio insights, and dashboards all designed specifically for underwriters.
Protect Your Clients' Information
Store, manage, and access all your clients' data in an intelligently organized platform for secure and easy sharing.
Make Renewals a Breeze
Track and monitor all underwriter engagements, queries, and requests with a consistent workflow, from marketing through binding.
Leverage Data-Driven Intelligence
Harness the power of high-quality data, analytics, benchmarking, and more to deliver innovative data-driven propositions.

Drive Better Insurance Outcomes for Your Clients

Identify improvement opportunities for your clients and assess multiple strategic options. Archipelago helps you guide clients toward the right protections for their portfolio and create a plan to improve their resiliency.




Streamline the Insurance Placement Process

Make it easier to collaborate with clients and create transparency between businesses and insurers by delivering critical insights into how the market is responding to an individual submission.

Thought Leadership: Use Your Data to Get Proactive

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Make Your Client Portfolios Stand Out