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Insurance Buyers

Transform the way you manage, access, and analyze your property risk data to drive greater transparency and better decision-making.

Power Up Your Property Data to Improve Outcomes

Risk managers, CFOs, general counsel, asset owners, and others tasked with securing the best insurance outcomes struggle to navigate the complexity of their portfolios' data and seamlessly share that data with other stakeholders. 

Archipelago offers a secure, AI-powered platform that digitizes & enriches your property risk data, identifies exposures, and helps you easily share data with insurers in a format that will differentiate your portfolio in a hardening market.

Core Attributes

Proactively Manage Portfolio Risk Data and Increase Resiliency

Enhance the quality of your portfolio with complete and trusted data, making it easier for insurers, investment analysts, and brokers to analyze.

Risk Manager Case Study: Prologis
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Archipelago’s Impact on Prologis

100 % of properties enriched with stewardship data
90 % of properties connected to roof maintenance reports
75 % of fire protection systems identified and categorized
40 insurers who received submission data on Archipelago, now with quarterly updates

Get the Best Possible Insurance Outcomes

With increased data quality transparency and expedited delivery, portfolios can expect faster, better results from insurers.


Now, CFOs, General Counsels, and Executives Can Get True Insights into Their Property Risk Data

Leverage and intelligently manage your property risk data for better analysis to take control of your insurance outcomes with an improved risk management strategy.


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Take Control of Your Property Data