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Insurance Carriers

Combine the property risk data you need with the quality, trust, and syntax you want for the most accurate and efficient underwriting.

For the Last 20 years, P&C Insurers Have Experienced Underwriting Losses or Falling Profits 

Insurance carriers need accurate data to effectively evaluate risks, but too often they receive incomplete and generic information, making it difficult to effectively deliver the right pricing and coverage.

Archipelago offers a secure, AI-powered platform that digitizes, enriches, and transforms property risk data to make it easier to analyze, evaluate, and underwrite for faster, more accurate results.

US P&C Industry Combined Ratio by Year Graph

Make the Best Underwriting Decisions with Digitized and Enriched Property Risk Data 


Start with Improved Underwriting Data
Access enhanced, accurate, and substantiated property risk information to make informed decisions.
Build Better Relationships
Improve transparency between yourself, brokers, and property owners with verified, specific, and shareable data.
Enhance Operational Efficiency
Process more submissions by instantly accessing the information you need without manual improvements.
Get Model-Ready Files in a Click
Seamlessly and securely access property risk data in model-ready files for RMS and AIR as well as XLS and XLSX.
Make Strategic Decisions
Leverage quality data and make coverage choices that align with your risk appetite and portfolio.
Increase Data-Driven Innovation
Integrate higher-quality data into your risk modeling and underwriting software to better assess and cover risks.

Your Underwriters Need Accurate Data to Assess Risk

Yet the vast majority of underwriters are not getting what they need.

With Archipelago, your underwriters have instant access to comprehensive, substantiated property risk data in the syntax of insurance to make informed underwriting decisions aligned with your risk appetite.


Better Engage with the Market and Deliver the Coverages Insurance Customers Need

Establish your position as an innovative industry leader by leveraging the power of quality data to inform your underwriting and improve risk modeling processes with actionable intelligence.

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