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The Story of Archipelago


Our Mission

As the frequency and quantity of risks increase in the world, the need to protect people and property in the face of disasters has never been more acute. Transparency surrounding the characteristics and resilience of commercial properties enables owners and lessees as well as insurers to create a safer, more sustainable environment. There are many details about commercial property that inform risk. The founders of Archipelago envision a streamlined platform where those details and supporting evidence are aggregated, interpreted, enriched, transformed, and shared. This platform makes it easier for owners, lessees, brokers, and carriers to make decisions to reduce the risk and increase the resilience of commercial property. 

Archipelago is committed to unlocking the power of better data. 



The Company

Archipelago is an AI technology and data analytics company transforming how commercial property risks are understood, managed, and presented by commercial real estate owners' and lessees' risk managers. Using our platform, large buyers of commercial property insurance are connecting, managing, and analyzing detailed, high-quality risk and insurance data on their portfolio exposures while communicating and securely sharing this data with insurance brokers and carriers across the market. Our platform enables brokers and insurers to efficiently connect to high-quality data to deliver innovative services and coverage solutions to their customers. 

This enriched, verified commercial property risk data is used by underwriters to evaluate risk as they write commercial property insurance and to better facilitate accurate analysis. The outcome is greater transparency, reduction of process redundancies, and better decision-making by all parties throughout the property lifecycle. Archipelago customers are at the forefront of understanding and showcasing their stewardship to create a more resilient and safer world.


Our Founders

Our founders brought together a passion for data and a history of using technology to transform industries.

Hemant Shah, our CEO, founded RMS—the leading risk-modeling platform—while a graduate student at Stanford. Hemant led RMS to become an industry standard with over 1,200 employees. And as he sought out possibilities to improve RMS models, he was dismayed by the impact incomplete or incorrect data would have on the model projections. Hemant started Archipelago to solve the first-order problem—provide the market with the highest-quality, verified, and secure data from which to assess risk. 

Roger Bodamer, our COO/CTO, is a Silicon Valley distributed database legend, having led engineering at Apple and product at MongoDB. Roger pursues opportunities where AI and structure can transform an industry and came to Archipelago to improve one of the largest, most complex, and most impactful data sets in the world—commercial property risk data. Together, Hemant and Roger bring rich experience and contextual knowledge to improving the commercial property insurance process. 




Leadership Team


Hemant Shah

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
As a graduate student at Stanford University, Hemant co-founded Risk Management Solutions (RMS), the market-leading risk modeling firm serving the global insurance industry. He grew the company from zero to a $1B+ valued SaaS analytics business. Hemant is passionate about risk and resiliency, and serves on the Board of the social venture, Build Change. 

Roger Bodamer

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer
Roger was the Founder and CEO of Upthere, Executive Vice President of Product at MongoDB, and a Vice President at Apple. He's been awarded over 10 technology patents in AI, databases, distributed and client technologies.

Erroin Martin

Chief Revenue Officer
Erroin has been building and leading sales teams for twenty-plus years in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to AI SaaS solutions across multiple continents. Prior to his experience in business, Erroin served as an officer in the U.S. Army.

Sarah Kim

Chief Financial & Business Officer
Sarah has 20+ years of experience as an investor and operator in technology, insurance and financial services. Before joining Archipelago, Sarah was the Senior Director of the Investment Strategy Group at ICONIQ Capital, where she led investing efforts in private equity and venture capital. Sarah also served on the Board of Directors for ABR Re and as the VP of Finance at The Climate Corporation, an insurance technology company.

Tim Anglade

Chief Product Officer
Tim is a tech executive who has led Product & Marketing teams at companies like GitLab (IPO), Realm (acquired by MongoDB), Apigee (IPO) and Cloudant (acquired by IBM). He was previously an Invited Expert at the W3C, a lecturer at the University of Paris-Est, and an Executive-in-Residence for VC firm Scale. His work on the critically-acclaimed HBO show Silicon Valley was nominated for an Emmy in 2018.

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