Standing out in the Hardening Market

It has been a pleasure working with the entire Archipelago team, especially during our mutual client’s property renewal. The current market conditions do not make things easy and the key to success in this market is data. The Archipelago team is detail oriented and creatively established a successful platform for keeping the insured’s information organized. 

With the Archipelago platform, we have been able to readily share the client’s data with the property markets and give the underwriters the opportunity to verify important data points, enriched by Archipelago, and at the ease of just a few clicks. Accurate construction class codes and other secondary characteristics are key in this market, with every account getting more scrutiny. Modeling results have a big impact and with more perils included each year, such as wind, earthquake, convective storm and flood, the better the data used for these models, the less uncertainty and the better the results. In our experience, accurate and plentiful data can be a great differentiator in this marketplace, separating quality customers from the rest of the market. Archipelago is a step ahead in the evolution of data and property insurance.