White Paper: Demystifying How Your Property Data Drives Your Insurance Outcomes

Owners of large portfolios of commercial property purchase substantial amounts of insurance each year to cover their assets and exposures. In recent years, premiums have been increasing, even as many owners retain more risk.

How can owners improve their insurance outcomes? By utilizing a key driver readily within their control: the quality of their property data, traditionally provided to insurers in a spreadsheet called the "Statement of Values" (SOV).

Download this white paper to understand and take control of how your property risk data impacts your commercial property insurance renewals.

In this white paper, we address:

  • Why insurers value quality data in the submissions they receive
  • How insurers use SOV data in their underwriting and modeling processes
  • Archipelago’s experience with SOV data quality, and how this is shaping insurers’ understanding of the problem and the value proposition of superior information
  • How owners can take control of their risk data and improve their insurance outcomes
Download the white paper now.