Why Insurance Brokers Should Invite Their Teams and Clients to Archipelago

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June 20, 2024

In this article: 

  • Who Should Be Invited to Archipelago and Why
  • Why It’s a Good Idea to Invite Your Clients  
  • How to Add Users to Archipelago

Insurance brokers are the quarterbacks of the insurance world, calling the plays and making sure everything runs smoothly. However, even the best quarterbacks need a great team and the right tools to succeed. Enter Archipelago, the AI platform designed to eliminate bad SOV (Statement of Value) data and streamline the submission process. To get the most out of Archipelago, brokers should invite everyone involved in managing client data and the clients themselves. Let's break down why and who should be invited to the party.

Who Should Be Invited to Archipelago and Why

To fully unlock the magic of Archipelago, it’s essential to get all the internal and external key players involved. Let’s first rundown the internal stakeholders and why they matter.

1. Internal: Data Entry Specialists

Role: These folks are the unsung heroes who input and maintain all that crucial client data.

Why Invite Them: With Archipelago, data entry specialists can ensure that every piece of data they enter is spot-on. Think of it like giving them a spell-checker for numbers and details, catching errors before they become headaches.

2. Internal: Account Managers

Role: The friendly faces maintaining client relationships and making sure their needs are met.

Why Invite Them: Archipelago gives account managers the most up-to-date and accurate client information, like having a GPS that’s always right. This means they can provide stellar service and communicate effortlessly with both clients and team members.

3. Internal: Account Executives

Role: The dealmakers securing new business and managing top clients.

Why Invite Them: With Archipelago, account executives get access to a treasure trove of accurate data, helping them understand client needs better and seal the deal faster. It's like having a secret weapon in their sales arsenal.

4. Internal: Producers

Role: The go-getters generating leads and closing sales.

Why Invite Them: Archipelago gives producers reliable data, enhancing their pitch power. With automated submissions, they can spend more time dazzling potential clients and less time buried in paperwork.

5. Internal: Client Services Team

Role: The troubleshooters answering client questions and resolving issues.

Why Invite Them: The client services team can tap into Archipelago for quick, accurate client info, making them look like wizards who always have the answers. This means happier clients and smoother operations.

Why It’s a Good Idea to Invite Your Clients 

One of the smartest moves brokers can make is to invite their clients to use Archipelago. Clients will love this extra service as it removes the constant back-and-forth of data validation, empowers them to input and update their own information directly, and adds a layer of transparency that fosters mutual trust and strengthens the broker-client relationship. 

6. External: Client Risk Managers

Role: The MVPs who provide the data needed to secure insurance coverage.

Why Invite Them: Risk managers can use Archipelago to stay efficient, keep their data pristine and up-to-date, and make smarter risk assessments and insurance decisions along the way.

7. External: Property Managers (Optional)

Role: The caretakers overseeing real estate properties.

Why Invite Them: Property managers can benefit from direct access to Archipelago, allowing them to input property-related data accurately and ensure everything is current.

How to Add Users to Archipelago

Adding users to Archipelago is a breeze. Here’s a quick guide to get everyone on board:

1. Select 'Users' from the side taskbar.
2. Click on the 'Add' button.
3. Enter the email of the user you wish to add.
4. Select the Account Admin checkbox if applicable.
5. Click on the 'Add' button.


Watch the video below on how to add users to existing accounts:


Get Started with Inviting More People

Inviting all team members who help with client data and the clients themselves to Archipelago can revolutionize how insurance brokers manage their client’s data. By eliminating bad SOV data, streamlining processes, and boosting collaboration, Archipelago helps brokers deliver top-notch service and achieve greater efficiency. 

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