Assess property data quality readiness

Easily evaluate the data quality of each client's property schedules and implement initial measures to enhance preparedness for market exposure.


Build a better baseline SOV

Take Action

Give prospects and clients new and actionable insights into their property data.

Jump-start renewals

Increase efficiencies in annual pre-renewal strategy planning.

Empower client influence

Help prospects and clients communicate priorities within their organizations.

Identify data deficiencies

Understand where data is missing, ambiguous, or lacking precision as it relates to what drives each client's risk.


Prioritized data recommendations

Preview an auto-generated list of cleansed locations prioritized by impact in an industry standard schema.


Dynamic reporting

Share a dynamic report and visualizations of each client's and prospect's property portfolios.

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“Archipelago enabled us to increase control and consolidation of our data and feel confident in our risk decisions — including the option to buy $50M less in CA Earthquake with the same return period.”
Deborah Ravetti (Green)
Deborah Ravetti

Risk Manager at Shorenstein Properties

"On Archipelago, underwriters could verify [the client's] enriched data with the ease of just a few clicks. The less uncertainty, the better the results.”
Jared Hanner (Lime Green)
Jared Hanner

SVP and Executive Director

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