Eliminate time-consuming data management

Improve the ease and efficiency of working with clients to manage large property schedules with Archipelago's SOV Manager application. 


Simplify SOV management

Save time

Spend less time managing data and more time on strategic advisory.

Evolve client engagement

Transform how clients operate with digital solutions.

Cater to underwriters

Reduce questions and move clients to the top of the stack.

Effortless property cycle updates

Help clients manage property lifecycle activities, such as retrofits, appraisals, adds & deletes.


Collaborate and track

Update, assign, monitor, and approve changes with teams, clients, and third parties with auto-version control.


Share submissions with markets

Share each client's portfolio with underwriters, including model-ready CAT input files.

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"[Underwriters] enjoy the centralized location of the data and the underlying documents that are clearly identified to support the enriched data in our SOV."
David Wiehe (Purple)
David Wiehe

Director of Risk Management at Extra Space Storage

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Simplify tedious data management