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January 5, 2022

"Archipelago has transformed our ability to source and share quality data with our insurers for our Property Insurance Program."


– Ian Ascher, Executive Director, Global Risk Management, JLL

Archipelago’s Risk Data Platform helped JLL improve the quality of its Property Insurance Program and its proposition to its customers.

JLL is a global leader in real estate services and provides property and facilities management for customers totaling 4.6 billion square feet across an array of real estate assets. These services include on-site property management to ensure assets are performing at their peak, with a focus on mitigation of risk through operational consistency and enhancement of the tenant experience.

JLL also provides insurance coverage as a service to its property management client properties, placed through a shared program administered by JLL. Collecting, maintaining, and updating each year the property risk data needed to support the renewal of this insurance program has been a persistent challenge for JLL, a challenge compounded by the fact that the data resides across multiple owners involved in the overall program.

This process has been transformed for JLL on Archipelago. Rather than requesting its individual customers, the owners of the properties, to provide COPE data about the risks, JLL partnered with Archipelago to understand what data could be provided directly by the JLL property managers and facilities engineers actually on-site at each of its customers’ properties in the program. By reenvisioning the process, Archipelago enabled JLL to efficiently tap its own expertise, its people, and their data, to improve the quality of its Property Insurance Program and its proposition to its customers.

‍“The efficient collection and enrichment of trusted data directly from our property and facilities managers have delivered more than we ever imagined—including greater impact with our insurers.”


– Rose Berk, Risk Manager, JLL


Data sourced directly from JLL Property Managers improves the quality of information shared with insurers

By making it easy for JLL’s property and facilities managers, those with affinity to the individual properties, to share their direct knowledge about the properties and provide documents on Archipelago for the platform AI to extract the pertinent information, JLL not only saved time collecting and maintaining the data but increased the quality of the information with verified sources leading to better outcomes. Documents included PCAs, Design Docs and Fire Protection Plans, Roof Maintenance and Warranties, and imagery of the properties.

“Archipelago took the time to understand what information we have on-site, and took care to appreciate what we know, and what we don’t. That’s refreshing.”


– Property Manager, JLL


Archipelago's impact


Cat-exposed values enriched from source documentation


Property TIV resulting in superior coding due to data enrichments


Property TIV with sprinkler information, many backed by evidence links


Properties matched to building imagery


with Ian Ascher, Executive Director, Global Risk Management, JLL

Q: You were one of the first Foundational Customers of Archipelago. What got your attention?

A: I was first introduced to Archipelago by my colleagues at JLL Spark, who are always on the lookout for innovative new property-tech ventures offering fundamental innovations that can improve how JLL does business. I had just joined JLL to lead Risk Management at the start of 2019 and knew it was time to embrace new and digital ways of working. The dots just connected.

Q: Why did you start with your managed property insurance program?

A: The process was, to say the least, ripe for improvement. Most real estate owners, and their risk management teams, struggle to keep their risk data up-to-date with quality information given how fast the property business moves. Properties are constantly being bought, sold, improved, maintained, and inspected. The velocity of change is fast, even for a single owner's portfolio. These challenges are compounded for our managed property insurance program, which involves the assets for multiple owners for which we provide property management services. With Archipelago, we were quickly able to make a big difference even with our first renewal, and there’s more to come.

Q: How did your insurance markets respond to the new data-driven insights you were able to share during your renewal?

A: Our markets were familiar with our program, and have understood the data challenges it poses given that we’re administering it on behalf of so many of our customers. They were frankly quite amazed that we were able to transform the data in such a short amount of time. Not only that, they see where we’re going and their confidence is growing. Archipelago also partnered well with my brokers at Aon during my roadshow and renewal placement. That made a difference too.

Q: Beyond better data, where do you see Archipelago taking you?

A: I’m already getting better analytics on my portfolio. As I connect more of my data—and do so dynamically, not just by exposures, but by coverage and premium data and incidents and losses—I can not only be more strategic about how I manage my risk but also use these insights to craft more valuable services for JLL’s customers, providing them new and segmented solutions as well.

Q: You're also responsible for the LaSalle risk and insurance programs as well?

A: I am! The LaSalle Investment Management portfolio is quite large, with $60B in AUM worldwide. Archipelago is providing me interesting opportunities to integrate our approach across JLL, and we’re in the process of onboarding onto Archipelago the LaSalle US property portfolio as we speak.

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