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January 5, 2022

"For some time, we had been looking for a better way to connect and utilize all of our rich property and risk data."


– Jeff Bray, SVP, Systems Engineering and Emerging Technology

Archipelago’s Risk Data Platform enabled Prologis to connect an unprecedented amount of their data and extract actionable risk insights across the lifecycle of their properties.

Prologis, Inc., the global leader in logistics real estate, manages thousands of properties across the globe worth over $136B in asset value. A critical waypoint in today's global economy, 2.5% of the world's GDP flows through Prologis' warehouses and distribution centers. As a developer, owner, and manager, Prologis actively manages and mitigates the risk to its properties across their lifecycle. Yet, these rich formations of risk data were locked in a wide range of data sources, including myriad documents, making it hard to derive data-driven insights in support of insurance placements.

On Archipelago, Prologis has now connected its property data to create a single, unified view of every property and the lineage and provenance of the information. Archipelago ingested thousands of documents and artifacts from over 20 different sources and systems. Prologis’ high-quality data is now integrated across key domains:

  • Seismic Design / Retrofit
  • Construction / Acquisition
  • Loss Control
  • Roof Systems / Maintenance
  • Stewardship
  • Occupancy
  • Fire Protection
  • Flood Elevations, GeoHazard
  • Solar
  • Imagery
  • Insured Values
  • Incidents / Claims

With connected data, Prologis has extracted actionable insights, including the superior construction attributes of its warehouses, roof maintenance impacts, and enhanced coding of fire protection. And as their portfolio evolves, they’ll be able to glean new insights they never thought possible.

“Digital is key to our business strategy, and Archipelago complements and extends our capabilities.”


– Alan Findley, SVP, Systems Engineering and Emerging Technology


Using connected data on Archipelago to create insurance impact

Instead of disconnected spreadsheets and documents, Prologis sent their insurers secure links to their data on Archipelago. Insurers were able to access model-ready files and explore new property data, all with evidence links to trusted sources. This streamlined process empowered Prologis to convey their true differentiation and active stewardship.

"Archipelago energized our renewal—the platform made it easy for insurers to see and validate Prologis’ differentiation."


– Casey Markovic, Manager, Risk Management, Prologis



Of properties enriched with stewardship data


Of properties connected to Roof Maintenance Reports


Of fire protection systems identified and categorized


Of EQ-exposed property data, including Hybrid Structures and Retrofits, evidenced from seismic inspections


Insurers who received submission data on Archipelago, now with quarterly updates


with Jeff Bray, SVP of Global Risk Management, Prologis

Q: When you first met Archipelago, you said "there has to be a better way." What was frustrating about the status quo?

A: Our quality data has wide-reaching potential to improve the way we manage risk, both internally as well as with our insurer partners, but the systems and processes in place made it challenging. Spreadsheets and files were cumbersome to update and couldn’t connect all of the rich data we were generating from adds and deletes, updates, upgrades, and inspections.

Q: Prologis is driving a number of digital initiatives, and you've worked with start-ups as well. What was different about Archipelago?

A: Archipelago’s domain expertise across technology, property, and risk, as well as their execution, really stood out. They used fast cycles to get my input on designs and requirements, delivered to clear milestones, and worked well with stakeholders across Prologis. For example, our Technology Team was impressed with how Archipelago infused our domain into their tech and was able to identify so many novel sources of data that we already had but didn’t fully appreciate, including connections to/from our corporate Digital Lake initiative.

Q: How did your insurance markets respond to the new data-driven insights you were able to share during your renewal?

A: We were able to bring to life, with data, the proactive stewardship of our properties, our risk data governance, the rigor of our roof management and maintenance programs, our strategy of “newer, bigger, and better,” and, perhaps most importantly, the earthquake resilience of our portfolio of warehouses in the Western U.S. through our ongoing retrofit program and the growing proportion of superior concrete Tilt-up Steel Frame Hybrid construction of our larger warehouses. Insurers gained even more confidence in our data from evidence links to source documents.

Q: You've said your work with Archipelago is a journey. How do you see this unfolding as you move forward?

A: We’re already using Archipelago to capture new sources of data beyond what we shared during our renewal, and we’re now exploring with Archipelago how we can also incorporate digital and IoT data from our Smart Buildings. We’re also using the platform to support our quarterly updates to our bound markets, giving them more visibility throughout the policy year. Taken together, this will enable effective decisions for proactive risk management, as well as a positive evolution in how we design and place our insurance programs.

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