Gain Risk Profile Power

Achieve optimal insurance outcomes in insurance renewals through property schedule differentiation.

"Archipelago has transformed our ability to source and share quality data with our insurers for our Property Insurance Program."
Ian Ascher (Purple)
Ian Ascher

Executive Director, Global Risk Management

Boost risk management with Archipelago

Take actionable steps

Identify improvement opportunities and assess multiple strategic options. Archipelago helps identify the right protections for your portfolio and create a plan to improve resiliency.

Deliver submissions underwriters want

In the hard market, it is critical that your organizations stand out in the eyes of insurers and meet their specific preferences. Archipelago enables risk managers to deliver preferential submissions to insurers to drive optimal outcomes.

Adopt the new property data standard

Archipelago has diligently crafted a structured data schema consisting of over 170 attributes that can be applied to each commercial property in your SOV, resulting in standardized schedules.