Breeze through SOV stacks

Combine the needed property risk data with desired quality, trust, and syntax for the most accurate and time-efficient underwriting.

"My underwriters agree that moving from the traditional statement of values they receive to the more complete data profile, with associated links to source documents, from Archipelago helped streamline this process."
Vahe Simitian (Lime Green)
Joffre Mishall

Head of Large Property US National Accounts at Zurich North America

Experience underwriting with ease on Archipelago

Receive submissions with accurate data

With Archipelago, underwriters have instant access to comprehensive, substantiated property risk data in the syntax of insurance to make informed underwriting decisions aligned with risk appetite.

Deliver the coverage that insurance customers need

Establish positioning as an innovative industry leader by leveraging the power of quality data to inform underwriting and improve risk modeling processes with actionable intelligence.

Experience the new property data standard

Archipelago has diligently crafted a structured data schema consisting of over 170 attributes that can be applied to each commercial property in your clients' SOVs, resulting in standardized schedules.