Who We Serve: Brokers

In today’s hard market, it can be challenging to differentiate your clients’ portfolios, know what data matters to the markets, and secure the coverage your clients need at the best rates.

Archipelago is a risk data platform that collaborates with brokers to help improve your insureds' data quality, increase the market’s trust in that data, and differentiate your insureds’ in the marketplace. On top of that, Archipelago helps your clients’ data shine in the marketing process via visualization tools, analytics, and RMS/AIR model-ready files.

Our team is excited to work together with your teams to effectively digitize risk, seamlessly share data with insurers, enable deep analytical insights, and optimize your insureds’ insurance outcomes.

We are committed to partnering with you — your team, your markets, and your clients to offer these benefits:

  • Improve your clients’ insurance outcomes: Take control of modeling assumptions, improve data quality used in underwriting models, improve your AAL numbers, and maximize premiums savings.
  • Differentiate with your clients: Integrate data-driven insights and tools into your advisory offering, improve your insureds’ data and insurance outcomes.
  • Delight underwriters: Take your insureds to the top of the stack with high-quality data, portfolio insights, dashboards, and plug-and-play underwriting files for RMS and AIR.
  • Gain control over renewals: Track and monitor all underwriter engagements, queries, and requests with a consistent workflow, from marketing through binding.
  • Focus on activities that matter: No more spending hours organizing, cleaning, and managing disparate spreadsheets, pdfs, and reports. Access and share all the latest and historical data/files via a centralized digital workbench.
  • Harness data-driven market intelligence: Leverage analytics-at-scale and portfolio-level insights with aggregations, trends, and benchmarking to deliver innovative data-driven propositions to your clients and market.

"After seeing the impact of improved data quality, EPIC is strategically leveraging Archipelago's data enrichment process and platform.

As an early adopter, we're proud to be catalyzing a more transparent and efficient marketplace as well as delivering insight and value to our customers."

Broker Resources

To further enhance your interactions with prospects and clients, you will gain access to a comprehensive package of sharable resources on the use and benefits of Archipelago, including:
  • Customized Broker Partnership web page
  • Customized Broker Partnership collateral
  • Archipelago Quick Start Guide for your clients and underwriters
  • White Paper: Demystifying How Your Property Data Drives Your Insurance Outcomes [Link]

Read Our Customer Case Studies

“For some time, we had been looking for a better way to connect and utilize all of our rich property and risk data.”

Jeff Bray,

SVP of Global Risk Management, Prologis

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"Archipelago has transformed our ability to source and share quality data with our insurers for our Property Insurance Program."

Ian Ascher,

Executive Director, Global Risk Management, JLL

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"On Archipelago, we’re able to bring our properties’ differentiation to life and share these trusted data-driven insights with our partners across the insurance market."

Vahe Simitian,

SVP of Risk Management, Alexandria Real Estate Equities

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